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Sunday, February 08, 2009

29 things to do before I turn 30

Here is my Birthday List. This will be an ongoing self improvement project. I will keep you updated when I accomplish any of these things. I'm sure there are lots of other things that I will do or things that I want to do. Let's see what my 30th year on Earth brings me!

1. Go ice fishing (manaqing) (complete)
2. Read at least one book a month (complete)
3. See the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
4. Pay off my credit cards or truck (in progress...paying toward the truck)
5. Lose 30 pounds (complete)
6. Update my photo albums (complete)
7. Visit Las Vegas (complete)
8. Vacation in a different country (not happening)
9. Get a summer job (not happening)
10. Grow an indoor herb garden (complete)
11. Ride the snowmachine more and the truck less (complete)
12. SIOP my lesson plans (complete)
13. Take a dance class (complete)
14. Start a new family tradition (complete)
15. Clean out the closet (complete)
16. Have vegetarian night once per week (complete)
17. Ride with or volunteer to help with a dog team (complete)
18. Fall in love
19. Spend the night in a village (complete)
20. Ride a roller coaster I've never ridden or go bungee jumping (complete)
21. Improve my photography skills and buy a new camera (complete)
22. Collect 5 new jars of sand (complete)
23. Touch a glacier
24. Subscribe to a professional magazine (complete)
25. Make jelly from scratch using berries that I picked (complete)
26. Read The Bible (complete)
27. See a really amazing fireworks show (complete: see pics and video)
28. Take a road trip (complete) (part 2)
29. Ride in a small (bush) plane (complete)

This is yet another idea that I stole from one of my favorite blogs, Oh me Oh my. Thanks for the great idea Reese!


Christina. said...
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Christina. said...

Let's knock put #1, #11, and #19 this March (best ice fishing time). Quick snowgo ride up to Oscarville for a dinner and movie... then continue on the river in the lat evening to the prime manaqing spot past Napakiak. You can overnight back here and then return to Bethel with only 26 more things to do!

kass said...

You got some pretty major goals on that list. Good luck chica!

Rachel said...

You did a great job accomplishing all that you did in one year. Only 6 items and #4 is in progress. I voted that you should do something different with the 5"unaccomplished" goals...

I think you might view them somewhat differently than you are. #8 for example... while Alaska isn't a different Country consider the unique experience that it is. I live on the Central Coast of California and frankly, your life in Alaska seems like a completely different WORLD to me! Keep 8 on your list... you are only 30 and have many years to travel to another country.

The other thing I wanted to comment on was #18... Fall in Love... That should be on your list for the rest of your life. Everyday you are alive it should be something that you are open to. Love comes and goes like the tide... we cannot keep it from coming or going. It is best left to its own devices, to evolve, to materialize on its own.

Best of everything to you.