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Monday, February 02, 2009


Superbowl? check. All the good ole Thanksgiving foods? check. Friends? check. Family? check. Loads of fun? check. About 12 people came over yesterday for our ThanksSuperBowl party. Along with Avery and I, that made for a pretty full house. Every available counter space in the kitchen was covered with every imaginable Thanksgiving dinner food. We ate, we drank, we shouted at the TV! It was a blast!I was hoping that the Cardinals would win. The Steelers really didnt need another ring and the Cards could have pulled it off. I just dont like the Steelers and my reason is not a valid one...every time I think of the Steelers, I think of this guy that I used to work with who was a Steelers fan and was the biggest jerk that I have ever met. I have to say, though, it was a pretty entertaining Superbowl either way. One of the best in a few years, I think.
And the Doritos commercials were pretty funny too! See the guy in the Ohio State sweatshirt? He's from Lima, Oh which is only about 25 miles from Van Wert, Oh. Pretty crazy, eh? He enjoyed the idea of having Thanksgiving dinner so much that he suggested we make ThanksSuperBowl a yearly tradition.
Lots of pretty amazing desserts too.
And here's Avery still eating even after everything is cleaned up and put away and all the people have gone home. He slept through almost the entire Superbowl because he had gone to a sleepover birthday party at another kids house the night before.
I think the most memorable part of the superbowl has when the owner of the Steelers was handed the Lombardi trophy, the first words from his mouth were..."I just want to thank Barack Obama..." What? Are you serious? Not God, not the coach, not the players, not his family, not the league, not the sponsors, not Walt Disney...but Barack Obama? Awkward.

What did you guys think of the big game?


Big Ass Kass said...

Wow look at all that food! I am getting hungry. Did you cook all that or did people bring stuff, too?

The Steelers owner is a tool for saying what he did. But I'm not surprised, everyone is in love w/Obama right now.

The game was friggin' awesome! I liked that it was an actual competition, not all one-sided. Wish I coulda been at ur party with u to watch it!!!

alisha said...

I cooked most of it and other people brought some too!