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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Number 11 Complete

I am declaring Number 11 on the birthday list complete considering that the riding season is over and my snowmachine is dead anyway. I really did ride it alot this year. We took a couple longer trips and road it pretty much everyday for weeks/months during the winter. Hopefully it will be able to be fixed for next year because I really do want to have a snowmachine to ride during winter. This winter was so much more fun having it than not. It opens up so many more possibilities for winter recreation.

According to this post, I started the season with 1618 miles on the machine and the trip odometer reading 437. As you can see from the picture below, my odometer now reads 2108 which means I put 490 miles on the snowmachine this since February and my trip odometer reads 973 which means I put 536 miles on the snow machine since February. Wait...what? You noticed that doesnt add up too, eh? So, clearly my odometer doesnt work right. But, either way, I figure we definitely put at least 500 miles on it since February. We probably also put about 100 on it before February, so that is quite a bit of miles, especially considering I only put about 13oo miles on my truck for the entire year last year.

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