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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Number 27: A really amazing fireworks show

For the 4th of July, I was determined to accomplish Number 27 on the birthday list. So I did some research to find out where in Vegas I could see a really amazing fireworks show. There were a seemingly unlimited number of options, but I settled on the City of Henderson's fireworks spectacular.

They were having concerts and a street fair in downtown Henderson during the day and setting off fireworks atop the city hall building at night. It was free to attend. The Henderson Symphony Orchestra performed during the fireworks.
They really did put on a great show. I was actually surprised at the quality and length of the show. Usually cities dont have a large enough budget to do a show this big, but they pulled it off.

We pretty much spent the whole day there. We walked around and ate fair food until our stomachs were content...thai food, fried chicken, funnel cake, cheesecake on a stick. Devin got to play with other kids and run around in the water fountains. We listened to the live bands and people watched. We petted the police horses and laid on a blanket on the grass. We enjoyed the pleasure of each others company.

Then...we watched the fireworks and oohhhed and aaahhhhed and screamed and yelled and laughed. The grand finale is below.

July 4th is also Niomi's moms birthday, so after the fireworks Niomi and her mom went out for a night on the town and I went home with Devin to let off some of our own legal fireworks in the parking lot of the apartment complex.


Anonymous said...

i love you and i miss you. iwant to see your dog.
see you later,

Anonymous said...

i love you and we all miss you.
and we all want you to visit again.

alisha said...

ewwweoo ew go

Anonymous said...

oe dmalisha

from falen