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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

35 things to do before I turn 36

This year I'm gaining some inspiration from my friend, Erin, who started a birthday list last year.  Her list includes a long list of things to accomplish with the goal of hitting a certain number of them, rather than writing a certain number of goals and trying to accomplish them all.  So, there are 70 items on this list and my goal is the accomplish 35 of them before I turn 36.  The first nine are rollovers from last years list.

Volunteer for Librivox
Complete 12 sections in my Bible study workbook
Publish my book
Yoga class/yoga in the park
Day hike
Go skiing/sledding/play in snow
Read When Kids Cant Read
Sew myself a wearable garment
Read 5 more book off this list or this list
Finish the rip rugs
Play Zelda
Read Game of Thrones
Harvest, preserve, and eat wild mushrooms
Make butter or cheese
Try 3 new spices
Play frisbee golf in Anchorage or Indiana
Host a multiple course dinner party
Kentucky Derby party
Make soap with Erin
Get Baptized
Advent calendar Christmas boxes
Attend a movie at the new Bethel theatre
Attend a service at the Russian Orthodox Church
Make colored ice balls for winter
Ride roller coasters at Great America
Write a letter of resignation
Take a class
Visit the Indiana Sand Dunes
Run a 5K
Have my truck waxed and detailed
Hang out with Avery
Start a new tradition
Get under 175 pounds
Go roller skating
Find a new church home
Join a bible study group
Find a farmers market/organic farm
Community garden
Fourth of July with Kassia
Read the paper
Set up a real live Christmas tree
Go to a haunted house
Read Mitchner's Poland
Bikini wax
Segway tour
Adler Planetarium
Sleep under the redwoods
Drive the coast highway
Float in the Great Salt Lake
Visit Crater Lake
Eye exam
Check my credit report
Pay off my house or sell it
Alphabet picture gifts
Bake a rhubarb pie from scratch
Fast for three days
Make a time capsule
Write thank you notes just because
Get past 20 push ups
River tour in Chicago
Hang a prism
Go to a horse race
Tour a brewery
Make a Bethel appreciation list
Make a 2014 photo album
Transfer my info to a new address book
Move out of my storage unit
Get ObamaCare

1 comment:

Erin Arno said...

I might have to steal some of these things for my list. I forgot all about a segway tour.