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Friday, February 27, 2009

Frosted glass

After all of the horizontal snow that we got after the massive beating of a blizzard that we got a couple days ago, Avery's bedroom window has been covered in a layer of snow. It looked like someone had come in the night and glued a bunch of packing peanuts to the window. Weird!

Then today, we had another storm that brought freezing rain into the delta. When I got home the front window looked like this... Anyway, it looks as though all of the storms have passed for now, which is nice. I'm hoping to get in some fun activities during this week of freedom, maybe even check some things off of my birthday list (Christina? Erin? are you up for it?) We had one crazy week full of delays and early releases at school combined with testing going on which pulls out some kids but leaves others and then an assembly today which cut 5th hour a half hour short. So, it took us an entire week to accomplish what I had planned for one period (block schedule). I am so happy to be home with the thought of a whole week of unscheduled freedom ahead of me. I've been relaxing on the couch reading for several hours and it's still not even 10pm yet.

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