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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ask (or beg) and you shall receive!

A couple days ago, I pointed out to one of my coworkers that last year, when I was new here, everybody was falling over themselves to give me moose and caribou meat. This year, not one single person has offered ANYTHING to me. Later that day, I heard someone walking up my front steps and I looked out to see her delivering an armload of meat. Thanks, Sheila! I cant wait to make some moose meatloaf, and moose stew, and moose stroganoff.


Anonymous said...

Alyssa says that moose meat is yuckie!!you should not eat it!!

KuskoMama said...

I was just thinking how fortunate we are to have hunting friends that give us moose & caribou. We do that with the fish we get when we're out in the summer so I guess it's all even. Just had some moose-meatloaf last night for dinner. Yum!