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Friday, February 03, 2012

32 things to do before I turn 33

The first 9 are roll overs from last years list, but the rest are new. Some easy, some fun, some time consuming, and some really challenging. Looking forward to another great year!

1. Lose 30 pounds
2. Finish reading On The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
3. Volunteer at the local senior center
5. Finish at least 1 rubicon map
6. Visit the southern hemisphere or go on a cruise
7. Finish reading the Bible or listen to an audio version
8. Publish my book
9. Take a steam or go hunting
13. Make my 2011 photo album online
16. Read Atlas Shrugged or a Stephen King novel
17. Complete a half marathon
20. Ride the snowmachine out to three step or to a coastal village
23. Pay my credit card down by half

I can't believe I'm 32 already!!! How'd THAT happen?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You haven't written yet this week. #10 is already started - get on it! Write about your bday weekend, or the crazy, wacky weather or the freedom that comes with functioning vehicles or cabin fever or homemade dog bones.

Hop to it!