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Sunday, August 23, 2009

20 out of 30 ain't bad!

I have officially lost 20 pounds now! YAY! My graph on the Wii fit just keeps going down, down, down. I am really feeling the difference in my clothes. Everything is too big. I can't even wear the belts that I was wearing during summer because they are too big now. I am back into my smaller belts. I am down 5 belt loops now! I have been making losing weight a priority and it has been paying off. I have no doubt that I'll meet my Birthday list goal Number 5, which is to lose 30 pounds. Right now, I'm planning on meeting that goal within the next month or two, so by my birthday I should be down even more than 30. AWESOME! Everyday when I get on the Wii, I weigh a little less than the day before. Seeing that graph dip down is sooooo motivating!

In other news...
Number 6 on the list is also complete. I finished updating my photo albums and then left them in Ohio at the end of summer, rather than dragging them back here. Although now I kind of wish I would have brought this year's book at least so I could keep working on it as the year goes on.

It was cold enough to turn on the heat today. Blah...

Have you heard the Jack Johnson song 'Banana Pancakes'? If not, you should check it out. Good song. Great artist. My cousins got me into him this summer and I just bought his full album the other day. I've been listening to it alot these last few days, so I decided to make banana pancakes for lunch today. Yum!

Still no camera. I've picked out the one that I want, now I just need to figure out how to get it shipped here. That is one of the hassles of living here...shipping can be extremely frustrating. Best buy will ship to Alaska, but the website will not accept my address when I go to checkout. I tried 20 variations of my address and none of them will work. So today I called the Best Buy in Anchorage because they have a bush order department. I placed my order, but got a call a few minutes later saying that although there should be 6 of the camera that I want in stock, they are missing. Missing! Go figure. So, she's going to try to track them down and in the meantime I'm going to try to call the main bestbuy number and see if they can figure out a way to get it to me.

The first week of school went very well. The students are always so well behaved the first week. Week 2 coming up. I've pretty much got my lesson plans done for the next two weeks and have a good idea of what I want to teach for the next 4 weeks. That makes me feel good...knowing that I'm prepared...that I've prepared good lessons for my students learning.


KuskoMama said...

CONGRATS on 20 lbs, that's awesome!

We turned the heat on briefly yesterday... not fun!

And the hassles of bush shipping, especially when they ship via USPS and want a street address... oy. I hope you get your new camera soon.

Kassia said...

Dude, ship that shit to me and I'll mail it to ya, no problemo.

Anonymous said...

I cant take this Alisha!!! you have lost way more than me. My treadmill is broke so noe i cant use it. I also had a bad weekend with eating because Alyssa was sick and i had to take her to the hospital so then i was tired the whole weekend. I am back on track thought. i will call you later!!


Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Great job on the 20 lbs! I'm not eating carbs right now, so it killed me to read about banana pancakes. Speaking of which, if you want a fast track to the 30 lbs, give up the pancakes and all the other carbs...I just lost about 7 lbs. in a week with no exercise. No kidding. Glad school's going well too...we're also getting into the swing of things, slowly but surely.