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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Number 32: Visit a state I've never been to

Nebraska-stopped for a visit with friends for a couple days in Omaha
 Wyoming-camped in Yellowstone

 Montana-visited a friend in Belt, then spent a weekend in Bozeman

Number 11: Visit a new place in Alaska that I've never been to

 I visited several new places in Alaska this year.  Starting with a trip in to chaperone the ANSEP middle school academy.
 We visited the Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska.  We did not get much of a chance to see the town, but enjoyed the ride down in a chartered bus.
 While Chris and Erin were in Bethel, I got to tag along on a trip up to Three Step Mountain.  After a long, rainy trip up river, we set up camp on a gravel bar in the rain just in time to see the stay clear up.
 The next morning was gloriously beautiful!!!
 We visited the fish counting station up river from Three Step and talked to the guys there about their operation.
 We enjoyed a warm, sunny boat ride home in which we stopped to go some filming for a documentary that Erin's dad was in town working on.  I was really impressed by how different the tundra was that far away from town....very healthy. 
A few days later, I traveled into Anchorage to meet up with Sadie.  We camped at Eklutna Lake in Chugach State Park with Chris and Erin.
 A few other former Bethel friends came out to the campground to hang out with us and we had a very good time.
 Next day, we went for a walk beside the lake with the dogs and let them romp in the mud.  Ryder even went swimming in the Lake although is glacier fed and freezing cold.
 Next, we went camping up near Hatchers Pass.  
We went hiking to a little lake that was still frozen around the edges.  Ryder loved the snow!  I really enjoyed hanging out with old friends.
We visited Independence Mine and took a little walk around.  We got yelled at by an angry marmot.  
Next day, we visited the muskox farm.
And the Knik River.
 All parts of Alaska are beautiful.  I love seeing every new place.