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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Number 28 on my birthday list is complete. Avery and I drove over to Carlsbad, New Mexico to visit my friend Kathie and the Carlsbad Caverns. We were originally planning to drive over to Carlsbad to visit the caverns (this was a trip that I was supposed to make this summer, but then didnt because of a family emergency), but then we had decided to just stay in Fort Worth to do all of the things there that we hadnt done yet.
Just after we had decided to NOT go to Carlsbad, my friend Kathie who I havent seen for about 5 years, called and told me she was in Carlsbad visiting family. So, we changed our plans again and decided to go ahead and drive over to Carlsbad. It was almost an 8 hour drive, but we made it yesterday without incident. We hung out with Kathie and her family all day yesterday. It was sooooooo fun catching up with her after all these years.
Kathie and I were best friends growing up in elementary school. We've known each other for at least 20 years...at least 2/3rds of our lives. I dont get to see her very often because she lives in Texas. We've been having a blast hanging out. I love seeing her kids, especially the new baby that I havent met yet. Avery had fun hanging out with her oldest. They are just a year apart in age and got along very well.
Below is Kathie with her husband and their 3 kids. They are a great family. I enjoy spending time with them. Here's the interesting kick....it snowed here last night. 4 inches. Everywhere I go it snows. Went to Oklahoma, it snowed. Went to New Mexico, it snowed. In Bethel, Alaska, however, where there SHOULD be snow, there is none. None. No snow in Alaska. But Oklahoma and New Mexico there's been snow. What the heck?
People keep saying that I've brought the snow with me. Yeah. Carlsbad Caverns was actually closed today due to the snow. So, we got a room with an indoor pool and all the kids went swimming and got worn out. Then all the adults played catch phrase and laughed and joked for hours. We're hoping the caverns will be open tomorrow, then we'll drive back to Texas.


Anonymous said...

Thats so nice you got to meet up with your friend and catch up. She has a beautiful family!! Yeah....what is going on with you and the snow!! I bet when you get back to bethal it will snow!! Have a safe trip back!!


Crystal said...

O.M.G. How Lucky to see Kathy and her beautiful family. Tell her I said "Hi"! Yeah, just your luck bringing the snow with you! Not in "VEGAS"!! Love Ya Talk to you soon. Be Safe...

essiney said...

hi aunt alisha maybe you could
play a game of bowling with me next
time you come here?

falen said...

hi aunt alisha bring avery to play with me!

desirey said...

hi aunt alish how are you doing. i really miss you.

alisha said...

so fun to get so many comments from you guys! I miss you guys too. I hope you are having fun on your break from school. I know I am :)

Love you all!