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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Blueberry Jam

Number 25 on the Birthday list is complete. I made blueberry jam last night using the berries that I've picked over the last few weeks. I had to use them all to get enough for the recipe. Luckily, I had just enough so that I did not have to use any of the frozen store bought ones. The process was easier that I had thought it would be and didnt really even take that long. I followed the instructions on the box of pectin that I bought at the store. The only ingredients necessary were the berries, the pectin, and some sugar. I got canning jars and a big stock pot to boil them from a friend (thanks, Sheila). Since I used up all of my blueberries, I had to go out today and pick some more. Sheila took me to an awesome blueberry picking spot and I was able to pick enough to replace pretty much the same amount that I had used for my jam. Four cups of smashed berries made three big jars of jam, plus a little bit extra. It turned out really yummy. I had it for breakfast this morning on some toast.I stained my counter and a couple of kitchen towels in the process of making my jam, but I think it was worth it. I got a bunch of peaches in my full circle farms box this week, so I think tonight I'm going to make some peach jam. I'm going to try to find some smaller canning jars though so I can send some out to friends as gifts!


Anonymous said...

Sounds de-lish! Reminds me of times I used to make strawberry jam. Nothing like homemade jams.


Kassia said...

Can I be one of the friends that gets a gift? hint hint. :)

My mom came back from the farm last night with a shitload of raspberries, and she made raspberry jam!!! It is soooooo good!!! Miss you girl!