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Friday, February 13, 2009

Number 11

The snowmachine is starting my yearlong task to accomplish Number 11 on my birthday list with 1618 miles on it. I dont know how many miles we put on it last year, but it certainly could not have been much. My trip odometer reads 437, but some of those miles are from this year too and I cant get it to reset, so I dont even know if it works. We rode it to school this morning since it was a balmy 34 degrees out and then rode around after school running the errands that I would usually run in the truck. Avery's scout master came over the other night and helped put a new belt on it and now it runs sooooooo much better. He recommended changing the crank case chain oil and I think one of my students is going to do that over in the shop here at school. I went and got some oil after school today. And I bought a new belt so that we could carry a spare. See the missing teeth on the old belt? It is still missing its windshield and I'm looking into getting that fixed. They want $110 for the windshield at the Polaris shop, but I'm thinking maybe I can find a used one somewhere. We'll see. I definitely need a windshield if I'm going to be doing any serious riding.

Avery took it out for a ride after school while he was waiting for me to finish up my lesson plans for next week(yes...I turned my lesson plans in on time this week! WooYoo!). Here he is outside my classroom window... We bought a brand new heavy duty chain with a lock to keep it from being stolen. I also sewed up the big rip in the cover last night while I was watching a movie. Batteries Not Included...remember that one? This weekend we are going winter camping with the scouts and will be driving it out to the campsite, possibly hauling a large sled full of gear behind it. Also, Christina over in Oscarville invited us to go ice fishing and spend some time over there in the village which would give me more of a chance to ride the snow machine more and to do numbers 1 and 19 on the birthday list.

1 comment:

Erin said...

Erin in Oscarville would also love for you and Avery to come fishing! lol

I'm so glad to see the machine is up and running. I was talking to Sadie the other day and would love for all you girls to come down some evening for dinner and fun!