"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

37 Things to Do Before I turn 38

Volunteer for Librivox
Complete 12 sections in my Bible study workbook
Publish my book
Yoga class/yoga in the park
Sew myself a wearable garment
Read 5 more books off this list or this list
Play Zelda
Make butter or cheese
Host a multiple course dinner party
Make colored ice balls for winter
Take a class
Run a 5K
Get under 175 pounds
Read Mitchner's Poland
Segway tour
Alphabet pictures
Make a time capsule
Write thank you notes just because
Get past 10 push ups
Go to a horse race
Tour a brewery
Make a 2014, 2015, and 2016 photo albums
Catch and eat fish
Host a game night
Go skiing somewhere local
Finish the Game of Thrones books
Watch the Game of Thrones series
Go on an Indiana wine tour
Make pottery
Host a backyard BBQ party
Find out about my grandmothers grave
Refinish my grandmothers desk
Lose 15 pounds
Ride a hot air balloon
Make a prayer board
Snorkel somewhere new
Learn to Scuba
Attend a cherry blossom festival
Find out what Purdue has to offer
Check out a local trail
Take a dance class
Medieval Times
Attend a local festival or concert
Learn to play an instrument
Volunteer for a local organization
Attend a church event
Attend a wine and canvas event
Take a walk in a local woods or nature preserve
Subscribe to a magazine
Write out a life plan or make a goal board
Use the Duolingo app to learn some polish
Visti a botanic garden in Michigan
Decoupage something
Have a water balloon or water gun fight
Go on an adventure on the water
Make wine, beer, or other spirit
Make all my t-shirts into a quilt
Have a spa day
Go to a new haunted house
Send cards for a random holiday
Forage for wild food
Go to the drive in with Eric
Write or call a politician
Write a love letter
Go on an adventure in nature
Have a solo picnic in the park
Complete my couch to 5K app
Ride a new roller coaster
Climb a tree
Stay at a bed and breakfast
Go camping just us
Raise my credit score
Read a work book
Save for a down payment on a house
Pay off my credit card
Visit the Ohio house for some updates
Look over the edge of the quarry
Go camping by myself
Visit Chesterton
Get approved for a homeowners loan
Play Settlers of Catan with the expansion pack
Sleep in a Tiki Hut over the South Pacific Ocean
Visit the Southern Hemisphere
Get married!
Take Alyssa on an adventure
Finish Harry Potter with William
Explore more Chicago beach parks

Saturday, February 11, 2017

2016 Dump Post

Advent calendar Christmas boxes
I sent my three best Alaskan friends Christmas boxes this year.
Find a new church home
We have tried so many churches in our neighborhood, but we always go back to Northgate. You can feel the energy and love of God in that place!
Adler Planetarium
We spent the day at the planetartium on New Year's Eve day.  We enjoyed learning about space and playing with the contraptions.
Visit Planet fitness at least 4 times per month
I really didnt go as much as I wanted to.  I was surprised when I asked them to count up my total for the year and, sure enough, it was an average of 4 times per month.
Harvest wild food
There are these mulberry trees near our old apartment.  There werent many berries this year, but I went and picked some anyway.
Discover a new favorite musical artist
Matthew West.  I made a Pandora station from his song, Grace Wins, and it is my favorite station.
Make a new friend
I've made a few new work friends and am getting to know Eric's family a little better, which is nice.  I still dont have that solid, go to, everyday kind of friend that I've been looking for here in NWI.
Own a sewing machine
Yes!  Eric got me one for Christmas this year.  It's got all the fancy functions and everything.
Get a job
I've been working for Alverno Clinical Laboratories for 6 months now and I love it!
Play paintball or lasertag
Took Avery and his girlfriend to the lasertag place when we were visiting them in Fort Waybe last fall. It was cool to be back in the place where I used to take Avery when we has little.
Try 3 new teas
So many new ones...white blueberry peach, windy city blend, chai tea, and argo creamy earl grey.  Love them all!
Try 3 new local restaurants
So many new restaurants too!!!  Zel's Roast Beef, Tandor Indian, and Miner Dunn just to name a few!
Send a Spain postcard to everyone I have an address for
I found so many Spain postcards when I was searching through old stuff.  I have now sent them all out.  Send postcards is so fun!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Play Three New Board Games with the Kids

Sequence, Dominos, Big Mouth

We laughed so hard at the Big Mouth game in our hotel that the neighbors started pounding on the wall!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Ready Harry Potter with William

We are in book 3 now.  It's getting interesting!

Spend a Weekend in the City with the Kids

 As a Christmas gift this year, I gave the kids a trip into the city.  We spent New Years Eve weekend in the city being tourists.  We looked at the Macy's window, ate next to the big Christmas tree at the Walnut room, walked around the city, and spent lots of time swimming in the hotel pool.
 On Saturday, we spent the day at the Planetarium, ate dish dish pizza, then went to the zoo to see the zoo lights.  I've always wanted to ride the carousel at the zoo and we finally did with the kids.

On Sunday, we went to church, then had lunch while watching a movie at a dine in theatre

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Make Spaghetti Sauce from Scratch

When the garden gave us way too many tomatoes, there was no better way to use them than to make spaghetti sauce from scratch. I have never made spaghetti sauce so I found a few recipes online and made my own version.  The taste turned out excellent, but it was very watery.  Next time I'll boil it a bit longer.

Can and Pressure Cook Something

 Stewed tomatoes from our garden and lots of jam using berries we found at a farmers market.

River Tour in Chicago

 We landed a great deal on a river architecture tour on Groupon and then landed an amazingly sunny fall day that was perfect for our tour.
 Just being out on the river was alot of fun, but learning more about the city and its architecture was even better.
 The thing that I learned the most about was how important Montgomery Ward was to the city of Chicago.  Google it!  Very interesting history.

Beach time with Alyssa

We spent a lot of time at the beach this summer.  Sometimes Alyssa and I would just go by ourselves and just sit together in sweet silence!  She's a great beach buddy.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Build a birdfeeder

 I built a platform one for fruits just using a flat board and some wire.
Then I built some wine bottle ones using the sangria that I had shared with two friends.
 I gave them both bird feeders too!  Birds love it!

Visit 3 New Local Beaches

 I've pretty much been to every beach now between south side Chicago and Burns Harbor.
I still like my Lake Street Beach in Miller City the best!

Plant, Harvest, and Eat food from my own garden

Go Roller Skating

 Well, I actually skated quite a bit over this last year, but this was the first time I went with Eric and the kids.
 We had a good time at the rink over in Lynwood where the movie with BowWow was filmed.

Go Camping

Camping with a big group was not my favorite thing, but this tubing trip down the river was awesome!  This was the only part I took pictures.

Vacation in Myrtle Beach

Visit Christy or BOK

I finally got to see my good friend Christy when she met us over at Sunset Beach while we were on vacation.  It was good to see her after several years.

Join a Bible Study Group

Living in a new town makes it difficult to find a church and a group of people to study with.  So, I joined an online bible study.  It is part of the Bible app and its great because I can be friends with people in the app and discuss things.  Mostly I just talk to Eric about stuff.

I have also been reading a daily reading.  I've shared it with a few people, but again, mostly I discuss it with Eric.

I know this is not exactly what I had in mind when I said "join a bible study group", but ya gotta start somewhere!