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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Crystal!

My best friend turned 29 today and I got to be there to celebrate with her! She didnt know that I was coming to Vegas. I just showed up at her door this morning with some flowers and balloons and surprised her. That's the reason that I havent been talking much about my summer plans on the blog...because I didnt want her to know that I was coming. Above is a picture of Crystal with her 4 rugrats eating cake and ice cream. Below is her opening her presents.
So, I'm in Vegas...got here Tuesday night. It was mega hot today already...97 degrees! I've already gotten some sun, especially on my drivers side arm.
Above is me and Falen, her youngest. And below, Crystal and I as taken by Falen. He was having fun going around taking pictures of everybody at the party. I missed Crystal and the kids sooooo much. It's always so nice to go see them! It's been two years! Too long!
Well, I'll definitely write more later, but here are some of the other highlights so far...

It looks like I've already got at least one part time job lined up.
I'm still looking for another.
It's HOT!
And sunny!
But dry heat, and I LOVE it!
I went out with another friend last night, it was fun!
But she cancelled the exciting road trip that we had planned for California and I'm bummed about that.
I'm staying with my cousins, they're awesome!
The house I'm living at is amazing and has a great pool in the backyard.
They even had an extra car sitting around in the garage that they're loaning me for the summer.
Everybody is so happy that I'm here...I feel so LOVED!
There are palm trees, but not much grass.
I've already started working out and eating better...goal is to drop 10 pounds in two weeks.
I never remembered the mountains being so big and so close to the city.
I have had one slurpee everyday that I've been here...I love slurpees.
I'm going to be here for the whole summer...until the end of July. YAY!
Number 7 on the birthday list is done!
Call me on my cell number if you need to get ahold of me!

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