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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My new camera

I got my new camera in the mail yesterday. YAY! It's a canon sx110. I love it already. Except for the flash takes forever to recharge(4-5 seconds) and you cant do anything while the flash is recharging. Here are a few shots I took just fooling around with it yesterday...
It's got 10X optical zoom, which basically means it can zoom right up on stuff. it works really well. This is a picture that I took of Avery's room while sitting on the couch in the living room. See the books on Avery's bookshelf?
Here is how close I was able to zoom up on those books. I tried a couple more later and got them to turn out more clear. Great zooming capabilities though, eh? I do feel like I have improved my photography skills over the summer. I spend alot of time using my old camera to take pics of fireworks, which is the area that I wanted to improve. I got alot of great shots. My new camera is pretty much the same as my old camera, except better so I feel pretty comfortable that the new skills will transfer over to the new camera. Not to mention that I am going to read the owners manual for the new camera and learn how to do more with it. I am looking forward to playing around with it and taking some really great pictures. Number 21...check!I have FINALLY finished the book that I've been reading for the months of June, July, and August. I had read a different book during June and another during July, which I will count as my June (a Jeffery Archer book that I wrote about here) and July book(called The Wednesday Letters) for Number 2 on the birthday list. This one will count as the August book. I figured since I live in Alaska, I should read Micheners book entitled Alaska. I had enjoyed Hawaii so much that I started this one without thinking twice.
I really enjoyed the book. It was a great read, but next time I pick up a Michener book, I will not do so lightly. Over 1000 pages and three months later, now I can read other things. First and foremost, I will be reading a book that was written by a friend of mine from when I was younger. I cant wait to read it! I'm so excited and proud of him for accomplishing the goal/dream that he made for himself of writing a book. I'll share more about it once I've read it and have his permission to write about it online. He is in the process of finding a publisher now, so I dont want to do/say anything on here that would interfere with that process.
You can see how beat up my Michener book is...I've been dragging it around everywhere I went for the last three months. Now it can take its place back up on the book shelf.

In other news...
meatless monday is back. We had grilled cheeses and tomato soup for dinner on Monday night.

I'm making pretty good progress on my birthday list. Hopefully I'll be making it out of Bethel and cross off several during Christmas break. If I cant get out of town, I might end of with alot of things not done on the list. Either way, it's been fun. And I've still got 5 months to go.

My neighbor has two very overweigh little kids who run and stomp like crazy all day, everyday. They stay up late every night. I have noticed it every day/night that we've been here, but last night it got so bad that I actually had to go over there and ask them to be quiet. It was 11pm and they were stomping so hard that the whole house was rocking and swaying and the shelves and lampshades were rattling. Annoying!

It is a beautiful day out today. 60degrees right now and sunny, which is wonderful considering that it was 40 and really frickin' cold this morning. I was shivering. Now that first frost is past, hopefully I'll get some cranberries this weekend. Although the person who said they would take me cranberry picking to teach me how to do it is sick. Alot of people have been sick lately. Teachers and students alike. Even Avery wasnt feeling good last week. So far, so good for me.

I watched my first football game last night. I love football season! There's a game on right now, so I'm going home! Later. Have a supertastic weekend!


Kassia said...

Yay! You finally got around to the Michener book! From what you know about Alaska and from living there, did you find it historically accurate for the most part??

Miss you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crystal said...

Great Camera! Talk to ya soon!

alisha said...


Yes, i thought it was very accurate. and the characters represented the people of alaska very well too.

It seems like FOREVER since we've talked. Let's try to chat this weekend sometime.


Cilla said...

I like your choice for canon sx110 digital camera!! Love to see the all interesting pictures!!