"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

34 things to do before I turn 35

  1. Lose 30 pounds
  2. Pay off a credit card
  3. Read 5 more books off this list
  4. Update my resume
  5. Volunteer for Librivox
  6. Vacation in another country
  7. Read at least 12 Books from the Bible (approx. 1/month)
  8. Publish my book
  9. Steam, hunt, dance, or some other cultural activity
  10. Finish Atlas Shrugged
  11. Visit a new place in Alaska that I've never been to
  12. Yoga once per week
  13. Attend church regularly
  14. Whiten my teeth
  15. Attend a roller derby meet
  16. Day hike the Appalachian Trail
  17. Ski at least 4 new trails
  18. Double my savings cushion
  19. Finish the Canon of Sherlock Holmes and the Anne of Green Gables series
  20. Summit a mountain
  21. Make my own infused water
  22. Read When Kids Cant Read
  23. Sew myself a wearable garment
  24. Thoroughly clean and detail my truck interior
  25. Renew my Alaska teaching license
  26. See a Cirque du Soleil show this summer
  27. Disc Golf at one of the top ten
  28. Complete a 30 day challenge
  29. Camp in a National Park
  30. Teach Ryder a new trick 
  31. Try 3 new chambord recipes
  32. Visit a state I've never been to
  33. Make a rip rug
  34. Add some colorful sand to my collection


Deanna said...

Have you been to Colorado before? I'm guessing you have... but you could come here and camp in a National Park, climb a mountain, lose a pound or two, collect some great red sand, and hang out with me =)

Great list, Alisha!

Sadie said...

I think I can help you with: 7-which we're doing right now together, 23-I can show you how to do a skirt!, and Chris might help you with 27- but I know there are some good ones in Michigan, and 30- if you bring Ryder with you this summer. :D

alisha said...

I would LOVE to, Deanna! But you're not going to be there all summer!!!! If you stay in CO this summer, I will definitely come! If not, then I'll try to come for Christmas break this year if Avery ends up at Montana State.

Yay, Sadie! I totally want to make some jersey skirts! And I was totally thinking that I could check off a few of these with Chris and Erin too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alisha, I even have a National Park pass still good through June, maybe even July!! We could use it together, in a state you haven't traveled to, to summit a mountain, maybe along a part of the Appalachain trail, while teaching Ryder to roll over and making trail chambord with nightly Bible studies. Sound like a plan? And then, we can whiten our teeth, do some yoga and go to church.

I love your lists!! Not enough to make one of my own, though.