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Friday, February 20, 2009

Snow Highway

I have been working on Number 11 on my birthday list, which is to ride the snowmachine more and drive the truck less. I havent even driven my truck for two days now. The last few days have been wonderful for riding the snow machine. It has been fairly warm at about 13above and the sun has been shining and the weather has been great. When you ride out on the tundra, their are lots of trails that can be followed, but some of them are more well used than others. These are highways in the snow. You can clearly see the difference in the snow between a major snow highway and just a path the one lone snow machine or two has made. The picture above shows the highway in the snow that I took to get home from the post office yesterday.

The pictures below shows the place near my subdivision where the snow highways all come together into a sort of "on/off ramp" from the tundra into the subdivision.
This is the snow highway that runs behind my house. This is such a major trail that it sometimes shows up on online maps. It is really nice to travel by snowmachine on these major trails because they are fairly nice and smooth because they have been tramped down by all of the traffic. They are also very easy to follow.You can clearly see below where the highway splits off into two highways, one that leads to a village and another that circles around the back of town.
Here is another spot where two snow highways come together into town.This is just a glimpse of how beautiful it was to ride across the tundra yesterday after school. This picture was taken at around 5:45. The sun is just about an hour away from setting in this picture. Gorgeous!

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