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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happy Birthday!

to me! I had a really nice birthday. I was in a great mood all day and my students were all very pleasant. Many of them wished me a Happy Birthday. Avery drew me a card that had a comic on it involving all of my candles on my birthday cake being blown out by a Taboo fart. It was pretty funny! And I got a card in the mail from Mom! Gasp! That's the first time in years she has wished me a Happy Birthday...maybe she's sick? It was a nice card though and I appreciated it. Thanks, Mom! I got several emails and calls from friends wishing me a Happy Birthday. Overall, I did have a very nice day! I cant believe I'm on my way to 30 already...time flies when your livin' life!

Maybe I'll buy myself a Wii for my birthday...I've been wanting one! What do you think?

Thanks to everybody who remembered me today! I miss you guys!


Kyle Marvin said...

Happy birthday, Alisha. Thanks for having such a super-duper blog.

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Stay with 29! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! The next 30 years will really fly by.......enjoy them!


Reese-E said...

Happy birthday!!!! Of course you can steal my idea for the birthday list! I stole it from someone else. Haha! It's really fun, and totally motivates you to do some fun things.

I hope you had a fantastic day!!

Kassia said...

UMMMMMM, oops I knew your birthday was in Feb but forgot when. And I've asked u a bunch of times and u told me a bunch of times but...no excuses for it. Sorry for forgetting! But I never forget about u up there and always check your blog to see how you are! Happy Belated Birthday! Love ya lots!

alisha said...

Thanks everybody...I'm really feelin' the blog love today!

Anonymous said...

Well i guess i am your worst friend ever!! i forgot your birthday!1 Well i hope it was a great b-day anyway!! Well seeing that you have to remind me when my anniversary is i should have a "get out of gail free" card!! did you get wii??