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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The lookout

Taboo, just like the rest of us, gets sick of being cooped up in the house for too long. On days when it is warm enough, he likes to sit out on the front porch on his chain and watch the world go by.

We had a hour delay school start this morning due to the unreasonably crazy monstrous blizzard that was still raging at 6am when my phone rang to tell me of the delay. It had died down by 8am and we were good to start school by 10am. By noon, the sun was out shining brightly in spite of how wind whipped the town and it's residents were.

We are gaining 5minutes and 40 seconds of sunlight each day now. Just think, that means we are gaining almost an hour every 10 days. That's alot of sunlight. The sun is officially up before the start of the school day now and is still up well past 7pm now. It's great. Next weekend we will set our clocks forward for daylight savings time and it will be staying light until 9pm. Then, it will become difficult to get to bed at any sort of decent hour whatsoever.

Next week is spring break and I CANT WAIT. I really need the break and I think the kids do too. After spring break, we only have 10 weeks of school left. Summer is just around the corner, folks! There are so many things that I want to get done over spring break too. Things that it is just really hard to do when I'm working all day. But one thing that I want to do is just sit around and read. I have a book that I have been reading for about a month and I am still only about half way through it because I just cant seem to find any significant amount of time to just lay around and read. Also, I need to work on my college class stuff, find a summer job, take care of some insurance stuff, clean my house, do some lesson planning for the rest of the year, do some people's taxes, run some errands, get some things checked off my birthday list, study for the Biology praxis test, etc, etc, etc. Spring break is going to fly by i'm sure.

Avery and I have been playing alot of board games lately and doing puzzles. Last night I finished a puzzle that was a picture of Mt. Mickinley. Tonight, we started a cool glow in the dark wizard/dragon puzzle. I am always so tired in the evenings after school that I just dont really want to do much, esp when we are doing labs in class. Doing lab is really hard work, you really have to be on top of everything. This week, my 8th graders were doing pH testing and were working with some pretty dangerous chemicals. It really takes alot of preparation to set those kinds of things up and then to run them, but the students learn so much more from doing than just from hearing. I had my formal evaluation today and my principal had some really great things to say about me and my teaching. It is so nice to hear when you are doing a good job.

So, I've been thinking...you know how when you are doing a puzzle there are always a few pieced that are already matched together? I figure there are two types of people...those who break them apart because the whole joy in doing a puzzle is to put it together yourself OR there are the people who leave them pieced together for whatever reason. Do you think that says something about your personality? If so, what? Which type of person are you?

I think that's all for tonight. Have a good night, everybody!

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