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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lumpopotamus: a new species

Taboo has been given another new nickname...lumpopotamus. He has had lots of nicknames over the 11 years that I've had him, the most frequently used is BooBoo. Some of the others are...Boo, boogle, trash dog, trashy, buttlumpakus, lumpy, mr. boo or mr. taboo, big dog, booglybear, boobie, stinky, old man, fat dog, fatso, fatness, lumpy mclumplump, fatty mcfatfat, or just fatty for short...and others that I cant think of right now.
For several years now, Taboo has been growing lumps. Lipomas to be exact. They are just fat tumors and not dangerous or anything, except when they grow in a spot that could interfere with other bodily function. A couple years ago, he had one removed from the back of his throat. I was afraid it would block his airway, so I had it removed. I've been noticing more and more lumps lately and he even has lumps growing on his lumps. He has 15 in all that I can feel; ranging anywhere from the size of a baseball to a pea.
A few fun pics...
In the pic above, Taboo is actually sitting about 5 feet from Avery, but Avery rolled back at the same time that Taboo turned his head. Funny!

Avery and Taboo are buds, even though Avery bugs Taboo alot sometimes. Taboo is just old and doesnt want to play anymore. He pretty much just lays around all day.

1 comment:

Kassia said...

The fat deposits situation on your dog also happened to our doggie Peanut as she got older, too. U need to really monitor them because one of the lumps we originally thought was a fat lump turned out to be a tumor that started real small and got to be the size of a large cantoloupe. She was so old by then that the vets said if they did surgery to remove it she probably wouldn't make it thru the operation since it would be so stressful to her body.