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Monday, March 01, 2010

Out with the old

I have owned the same pots and pans since my freshman year of college. 1998. I've never needed to replace them because, for many years, they didnt get used all that much. Since moving to Bethel I have cooked 99.9% of our meals. They have gotten heavy use since moving here. They are old and beat up and in desperate need of retirement. I have decided that I am going to buy all new pots and pans when we go to Anchorage. It's about time!

I also have all of the same dinnerware/dishes as I have had since college. They are ceramic and heavy duty, so they have handled all of the use with stride. The pattern is not the best and they are certainly not modern, but they do the job and have held up nicely, so I see no reason to replace them.

My winter coat, however, is also considering retirement. I have also had it since my freshman year in college. 12 years! Really? How can that be? It was already a bit worn when we moved here, but now it really is just ragged. It needs replaced in a bad way. So, the plan is to wear it to Anchorage, buy a new one while I'm there, and leave the old one behind. Is it crazy that I still have the hat that goes with it and I just lost the scarf last year?

I am also considering buying a new TV while in Anchorage. This would be a major purchase. I'm think about a flat screen that is fairly large. I'm ready to invest in one now that I spend a part of my day in front of the screen doing my workouts on the Wii and, sometimes, watching tv while I workout. I never really cared to have a large/nice tv before because I never used it. I dont know...I have to shop around a bit while we are there, but I just might do it. More than likely I'll be shopping at bestbuy because they have a bush mailing department so I can have it shipped out here. Anyone have any tips or recommendations on LCD or plasma? Or a specific brand? To buy or not to buy?


Tamara said...

My co-teacher and I were just discussing things that should be replaced WAY more frequently than we do--it came up because of the bed pillows that were putting a crimp in my neck (turns out new ones HELPED!). We mentioned toothbrushes and underwear, in addition to the pillows, but cookwear might need to be added. My favorite pot is a deep skillet with a lid that can be used for all sorts of things...but it's on its last legs. I need to invest in a new one as well...there are always just more pressing things to spend money on, you know?

Kassia said...

Hey Alisha! I wanted to let you know that as a DIRECT result of your progress with the Wii Fit you have managed to convince me to buy one! I just bought the console plus the Wii Fit Plus w/balance board today. I am not into video games AT ALL but your blogs about this exercise method have intrigued me and I have to try it for myself! Being that I just bought a house and am very weary about making any big purchases for awhile, this was definitely a decision that I pondered and researched for quite some time. U should consider working in their marketing dept as a side job, lol.

I'll let u know how it goes! I am holding u responsible if I hate it! ;)

luv ya,


alisha said...

Tamara- Glad your neck is feeling better. And that you enjoy my birthday lists. You should make one for your next Bday. It really is alot of fun and motivating.

Kas- I hope you LOVE your Wii so that I dont get blamed for anything. :) Seriously though, I've never heard anyone say that they dont like it. did it come with the wii sports game? you and adam can play that together. It's a video game but its so much fun and it gets you up and moving. Your right...i do love my Wii! The first think I do everyday is weigh myself on it. It only takes 3 minutes, but that way it charts my progress. I love that it keeps all that data. I feel like it's been so long since we talked...we need to talk. I'll try to call you this weekend! I miss you!

Kassia said...

I will be waiting for your call!

I am using the wii fit plus games...i did a couple of the yoga, stregnth exercises, boxing, a couple of the games and the stepping on the aerobics. I am a bit sore today! Do you have any other recommendations about other exercise games that worked for you, any fitness-specific games? That would help me a lot, don't wanna spend $40 on a game that's not intense enough for me.
I am keeping the wii a secret from Adam until his birthday, and that will be his "gift". He's been wanting one forever, and I'll use it prolly more than him! He's gonna pee his pants when he sees it!

Talk to ya soon! Oh that thing about the towels being regular size, and not for leprachans, omg, it was so unexpected that i was lmao when I read that!!!