"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Made it...

We were up early today to fly into Anchorage and begin our little mini vacation. We got alot done today, but it felt more like work than a vacation. We were on a plane by 8:30, in Anchorage by 10, and driving down the road by 11am.

I did have to spend some of that time fooling with the rental car rep who was trying to sell me every amenity that they had on the books. I politely declined them all, but then when I got to the car and it smelled so bad my stomach did a flipflop, I had to change my tone a bit. The car smelled like someone had smoked (heavily) in it, then they had used a number of chemicals to try to get rid of the smoke smell, but only made it worse so it smelled like both smoke and chemicals. When I asked if there was some other car I could drive the guy at the desk absolutely refused to help with anything. If I wanted a different car, it would cost me another $20 per day plus taxes and fees. Forget that. So, I told him that the return agent said another car in my price category would be returned in a few hours. I asked if they could they call me when it got there and I would drive back over (pain in my a**) and trade out. He said no, he would not be willing to call me! I couldnt believe it. So, I drove the stinky car for a few hours, waited until the unhelpful guy got off his shift, then called back and easily resolved it with the new person on duty. ugggg.

Anyhow, we ate breakfast at IHOP, got Avery a haircut (while he got his haircut, I went across the parking lot and picked up a few adult beverages to bring home), and I had my appt with the podiatrist (I'll tell you about that in a different post). Then we went to the mall, picked out our new TV, did some bargain clothes shopping (Avery found some great deals and Edije is proud of us for shopping the clearance rack at Old Navy), browsed the craft tables set up for Fur Rondy (more on that later too), and checked in at our hotel. I took a LONG, leisurely bath in clear, not yellow water, and gave myself a facial. I'm happy to report that the towels are actually the size of real people, not leprechauns.

Now...I need sleep.


KuskoMama said...

WOW. What company? That is an advertisement NOT to ever go with whichever one it was...!

Anonymous said...

I love the part about the towels!!! I am still laughing...its so true!! sorry we didnt get to have a long chat last night but nothing gets in the way of American Idol!!! I know i am a DORK!!! I hope you guys have fun!!