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Sunday, March 07, 2010


our last day in Anchorage. We volunteered with the Iditarod this morning. There were so many volunteers that we didnt really get to do much, but we got front row seats to the last great race on Earth. It was very cool. I will post some pics when I get home. After the race, we had lunch at the Golden Corral buffet. We got free coupons for volunteering, which was cool. After lunch, I took a nap for awhile, then we went bowling and grocery shopping. Now everything is packed and ready for our flight home in the morning. Have to be at the airport at around 10am. Flight leaves at noon. I have 6 pieces of "luggage" to be checked, then Avery and I both have a carry item and a "personal" item. To give you an idea of what a job it is to pack everything, here is a run down of my baggage...

6 checked bags, each can be up to 50 pounds and cannot be more than 62 linear inches (that means that when you add the length, width, and height, it has to be 62 or less)...
Bag #1...box of pots/pans, box of pyrex cookware, and 24 pack of TP all strapped together (it may be pushing the 62 linear inch rule..I guess we'll find out if they take it)
Bag#2...rubbermaid tote with various items such as laundry detergent, cleaning products, bathroom products, etc
Bag #3...rubbermaid tote with 50 pounds of various kinds of meat and cheeses
Bag #4...50 pounds of choice adult beverages packaged and strapped by the liquor store
Bag #5...my big suitcase packed with all the other odds and ends that didnt fit in other bags including some groceries and some walmart type stuff and some of our winter gear
Bag #6...Avery's suitcase (dufflebag) with both of our clothes in it and our personal stuff like bathroom products, this also includes all the new clothes we got since arriving here

2 carry ons, 1 mine and 1 Avery's (carry-ons dont get weighed so I usually put some of the heavier stuff in them) ...
Avery carries a smaller duffle as a carry on...it is FULL of fresh fruits and veggies
My carry on suitcase...is full of books and shoes

2 personal items, 1 mine and 1 Avery's (these are suppose to be smaller things like a purse or computer bag, but noone every pays attention)...
avery has his backpack...full of his random odds and ends and his dirty clothes
I has a shoulder bag...which has my computer, my purse, and some other odds and ends in it

Hopefully everything will weigh in correctly and I wont have to do much rearranging at the airport. Tomorrow I'll post some pics from our trip.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

That's alot of packing and rearranging,but it saves on the cash so it's gotta be worth it! Don't be drinking all those "ADULT" beverages in one night! lol Glad you guys had a fun safe trip to and from. Talk to ya soon. Keep your head up!:)