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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Iditarod start videos

Here are a couple of videos from the ceremonial starting line of the Iditarod. Avery and I had front row seats since we were volunteers we were allowed to stay inside of the fence the entire time. In the video below you get a good view of the dogs coming off the starting line.

In this video, you see John Baker's team. He was the winner of our local K300 race this year. During the ceremonial start, the mushers have two sleds attached to the dogs...one for their Iditarider and then their actual sled that they will use in the race. The Iditarider is a person that gets to ride for fun during the Anchorage ceremonial start. I'm not sure how the Iditarider are chosen...I wonder if they are connected with sponsors or do they pay for it or is it like an award or something...I dont know.

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