"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Weirded out!

Avery and I had another long, busy, fun filled day full of shopping yesterday. We had breakfast in the morning, then I went and picked out my new coat. I love it and I got a great deal too, but the store I tried it on at didnt have one in my size in the color that I wanted so I had to drive down to South Anchorage to pick one up at their other store. I had never been that far south in Anchorage before, so that was a little adventure.

I met up with a friend that I havent seen since High School. Jon is originally from Anchorage, but moved to Vegas back in 1995 with some of his buddies to try to start a career in music. He lived in Vegas for 12 years, but is back in Anchorage now. He was around when Avery was first born and got a kick out of seeing Avery all grown up. He hung out with Avery and I most of the day while we did our shopping.

We shopped at Kohl's and Target. I found my new pots and pans, along with a whole slew of other things that we needed. Then we went to lunch at my favorite restaurant, Humpy's. They have the best asian ginger flavored wings. Yum! After that we went to Barnes and Noble to pick out books. We bought way too many...but I dont mind when it comes to books.

Then we went to the movies. We saw Shutter Island first, which was a good movie, but a completely different movie than the previews portrayed. Next we saw Wolfman, which seemed like a good, but low budget movie. The effects seemed very 80's. In fact, it reminded me of Micheal Jackson's Thriller...at least how much I saw of it because we ended up leaving about halfway through it. There was this guy sitting up in the front row that was totally weirding me out. He was sitting in the first row, right on the aisle. Before the movie started, I had gone to the bathroom and when I came back I walked up the stairs next to him and he watched me walk up and was mumbling weird things to me. Throughout the movie, he kept talking to himself and to the screen, fidgeting nervously, and talking to other people as they walked buy him. I couldnt concentrate on the movie because I kept having visions of him standing up, whipping out a gun, and killing everybody. Eventually, he turned around and eyed the crowd, and I had to get up and leave. I just had a really weird feeling about him. Maybe i was on a sugar high from the Dr. Pepper and candy I had eaten, but I couldnt stand it anymore. I ended up telling the managers about how he was acting strange and they gave us free tickets to come back and said that they'd go check him out. I know it was very paranoid of me, but he really weirded me out. Better safe than sorry.


Tamara said...

Ewwwww...trust your instincts. Sounds like the guy had issues, for sure. Glad you got your pots & pans (and books--anything good?).
The Shutter Island previews look really creepy--can you give me some adjectives without giving it away?

Lisa said...

You're so silly. Since when do you freak out about guys. Yeah ok, you think most guys are freaks but why should this guy be any different? Just kidding, lisha. I can so see your expressions with this guy, lmao, that's why I'm giving you a hard time.

alisha said...

Adjectives for shutter island...suspenseful, weird, surprising, unexpected, not the same as what the commercials portray

creepy? yes...some

What it's not...scary, frightening, horror,

Anonymous said...

Glad you went with your gut at the theatre. Sadly many of our chronically mentally ill are on the streets because we as a society no longer have a place for them and we have decided they need less care......and no meds. He probably was shizophrenic..

Sounds like your spring break has been great fun otherwise.