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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March recipe(s)

For my March recipe for Number 10 on the Birthday list, I was flipping through my crockpot cookbook and just couldnt find one recipe that I wanted to try...I found several. I gave the tortilla soup recipe a try. After cooking in the crockpot, you had to run it through a food processor to make it creamy rather than chunky. I just put it in my blender, but that was more inconvenient than it was worth.
The soup turned out ok, but not great. I wont make that recipe again...not worth the hassle of the food processing step. Next, I tried a beef stroganoff recipe. I use moose meat to make stroganoff all the time, but i always do it the same way. I thought I would try something different. WOW, it sure was worth it!
This recipe turned out AMAZING. The moose was more tender than any moose I've ever eaten. It is hard to get moose to turn out tender. Not only was the moose tender, but the flavors in the recipe were really great too. The meal had an excellent depth of flavor. This will be how I do stroganoff from now on!

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