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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nothing Particularly Interesting

Went to a play on Friday night. It was called "Back to the 80's" and it was HILARIOUS. The costumes, the music, the dance moves, the phrases...the everything...it was so Junior High. Banana clips, wool sweaters, tight rolled stone washed denim, outrageous eyeshadow, jean jackets, spendex, and crimped hair. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt by the end of the night, but I forgot my camera.

Saturday, I had to work all day with the science curriculum committee. I went so well. Each time we have met, I have left completely pumped and sooooooooo excited about the possibilities/opportunities that we will be providing for our students.

Saturday night I sat around, talked on the phone, and worked on taxes. It was a productive night.

This morning I got up early even with the loss of an hour. I did my yoga routine, went to church, and did some cooking. Some friends came over for dinner and we sat around talking and laughing, drinking wine, and planning our girls spa night.

Tomorrow, we have an inservice day. The students get the day off, but us teachers still have to go to work. The end of the third quarter is this friday. I cant believe there's only 10 weeks of school left. So much still to teach.


The Diceman said...

Great to see you at "Back to the 80's"! It truly was "HILARIOUS" as you put it! Thanks for supporting the kids!

Tamara said...

The play sounds hilarious---actually, kind of sounds like the audience at the show of the 80's cover band I saw the other night.

Good stuff. :-)

Kassia said...

Hey Lish this is a random comment but why don't you get on Facebook? I think you would like it!

alisha said...


I know you've told me that before. and everytime I even consider facebook, I do it under the pretense of your recommendation. But I just dont think it's for me. I'll just stick to blogging for now. Thanks for thinking of me though.