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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teach a kid to cook...

And he'll invite 8 of his friends over for a stir fry dinner.
And leave a huge mess in the kitchen for his sister to clean up.And then all of his friends will raid his underwear drawer and run around posing and taking pictures in his clothes. So goofy! Every single girl in the picture is wearing Avery's clothes.

Since we moved here almost three years ago, Avery has been cooking dinner one night each week. Over time, he has become fairly comfortable in the kitchen. Thursday is his night to cook dinner. Yesterday he asked me if he could cook stir fry for dinner and invite a few friends over. SURE! Today, he came to me after school and said that 8 people were planning to come over. WHAT! Ok, sure.

Avery went home right after school and started working on getting dinner around. He made lemonade and cut up the chicken breasts. I stopped by the store on my way home and picked up some eggrolls for him to make with his stirfry and a few extra veggies since he was cooking for 10 people (8 friends plus him and I). He did a chicken teriyaki stir fry with rice and tons of veggies...carrots, bean sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, eggplant, and tomatoes. I made three desserts and they ate all three!

Right now they are upstairs acting like a bunch of crazy teenagers. They are taking a bunch of crazy pictures with my camera because the batteries died on the one camera they had. They are listening to music and talking about crazy stuff. Avery's bedroom door is open (of course), so I can pretty much hear every word they say. It's fun to listen to. This is the first time Avery has had girls come over and hang out. It'll be fun to see their pictures.

Ok...everyone went home at around 8:30. Here are the pics I got off my camera....
Everyone said thank you and told Avery what a good time they had! They all want to do it again! They are planning a movie night...when the new TV gets here.


Anonymous said...

thats so cool. I bet Avery was super excited. I am sure the girls just love him especially since they know he can cook!!! Watch out miss mom hes going to ask you if he can take a girl out before you know it!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they had a great time. What exceptional memories you and Avery are making....keep blogging. We love it!