"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'm making progress on some of the birthday list items...
#1: Vacation in another country...still looking at Mexico for christmas break. As soon as next year's school calendar comes out, I'll start looking at flights.

#2: Get a summer job...I'm working with my principal to develop a summer science camp as a reading, writing, and math intervention for next year's 6, 7, and 8th graders. Right now it looks as though I'll be teaching two two week sessions. It is currently only in the planning stages.

#3: Touch a glacier...planning a trip to Juneau, hoping to be able to complete this while I'm there.

#4: Pay off my truck...I should be able to pay it off as soon as my tax refund comes through. I'm super excited about the prospect of NOT having a car payment anymore.

#5: Read 5 books off of Newsweeks top 100 books...I'm currently reading A Brave New World. I tried to start reading The Lord of the Rings, but decided that I should read The Hobbit first since it is the backstory. And I just wasnt ready to tackle that huge book. Maybe this summer.

#6: Lose another 20 pounds...I added resistance training to my routine again and am seeing pounds begin to fall off pretty rapidly. I lost 5 pounds this week!

# 11: Read Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species...I checked at school and I dont have the book after all. I have it on my Anchorage list for when we go to town next week. I will pick it up at Barnes and Nobel along with The Hobbit. Avery wants to get some books too.

#12: Spend the summer in Alaska...I have some pretty solid plans for the summer that will keep me here all summer. I write some of that up in a separate post.

#18: Girls spa night...is in the planning phase. I am on a mission to find a few spa things in Anchorage when we go into town next week, then we will do the spa night after spring break sometime.

#20: Finish playing Twilight Princess...I have been playing a few hours each week, but am starting to get the feeling that this is a super long game.

#21: Read the Golden Compass with Avery...we've been reading a little, but our schedules are both so busy that it is hard to find some consistent, dedicated time to sit down and read together.

#23: Take enough credits to move over a column on the payscale...I have all 12 of the credits that I need planned for in the next 6 months or so. I'll include that in my what's up for summer post.

#24: Find a new favorite drink...I think this one is done. I just need to post about it.

#30: Visit three new Alaskan towns...I have Nome and Juneau planned, just need one more. It will probably be something close that I can visit by snowmachine.


Kassia said...

I read A Brave New World...definitely gave me something to think about.

Oh btw I don't like your goal #12.


Your mushroom recipe made me hungry! I would make it but neither Adam or Ricky are mushroom fans, so that sux.

Tamara said...

Alisha, I LOVE your "to-do" lists, and it impresses me to no end that you actually get them done. I am undermotivated in most areas of my life, and you actually sort of inspire me to get off my ass. Thanks. :-)