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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

LCD it is

So, the LCD or plasma question has been answered for me. Plasma's only come in 42 inch or bigger and that size will not fit in the space that I will be putting it in. I was really leaning toward plasma too, so that's kind of a bummer, but LCD is good too and a bit cheaper. We have this nook under the stairs where the tv cable cords and stuff are, so this is where the tv will go. I would be possible, i suppose, to run a cord around the room and put the tv somewhere else, but really this nook under the stairs is the best place for the tv anyway. Really it's not an option to put anything else in that space. And the set up of the living room just lends itself to having the tv in that space. So, the biggest I would be able to fit in that space is a 37 inch, which only come in lcd, no plasma. I did some browsing on the bestbuy website and the tv's are actually much less expensive than I had anticipated, so I really think I'll be getting one while we are in anchorage. Fun!


KuskoMama said...

Did you guys elect to stay in town for Spring break then? For some reason I thought you were already "there"... I'm sure you'll enjoy your new, bigger TV :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you guys!! The Tv you have is really small so I think your making a great choice!!