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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bethel Actors Guild Play

Last weekend, the Bethel Actor Guild put on a play called, "I love you, You're perfect...Now change!" It was a musical comedy about love and relationships all the way from the times of Adam and Eve up to the modern day.
It was sooooo funny! I was not feeling good on the day of the play (Valentine's day), but I really wanted to go, so I forced myself to get up and walk across the street to the cultural center to see it.
It was a bit provocative and R-rated at times so I'm not quite sure it was the best play for Avery to have attended. I wish they would have told us that when we were paying for our tickets. It did open up a bit of a teachable moment for a conversation about sex and relationships when we got home.

Musicals are always a bit scary because you dont know how the local talent will do. I was extremely pleased that all of the singing was not only decent and tolerable, but actually very good. A good time was had by all and I am always impressed that there is such a range of activities to be involved in for a community of our size. This weekend I havent done much except work. Friday night I worked around the house cooking, cleaning, and acting as chauffeur. I also worked out for a long time...30minutes of resistance, 30 minutes aerobics, and 30 minutes of yoga! Yesterday, I worked on the science curriculum committee, which went VERY well. We have an amazing bunch of knowledgeable and passionate science teachers. We had some extremely powerful conversations and made an amazing amount of progress for our first day. I left the room completely pumped! When I got home last night I started playing the Zelda video game that I've been working on and I got completely hooked! I played for 5 hours and didnt get anything else done. Today, I slept in, then did a great workout, took a walk to the store, did some cooking, had some friends over for dinner, and did some cleaning. Now it's already 10pm and time to think about going back to work tomorrow. I have a ton of papers to grade, but tomorrow is an inservice day so I've got an extra day to get things ready for students.

We did get a couple of inches of snow on Saturday...then, GUESS what happened? It got over freezing today and it all melted. We had a wonderfully warm and beautiful day today, which was why Avery and I took a walk to the grocery store. It was almost 40 degrees, with absolutely NO wind, and a glorious sun shining. We didnt even wear our coats...just a sweatshirt. It was wonderful, but a snow machine ride would have been nice too.

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