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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dirty underneath

It warmed to just above freezing yesterday, which was enough to melt all of the snow off of my truck (and other vehicles around town). Underneath all of the snow and ice, is a thoroughly disgusting layer of filth. I would estimate that I have washed my truck MAYBE 10 times since we moved here almost three years ago. Which is a big switch because my truck had a bath faithfully once per week when we lived down states. There really is no point in washing it here. In the winter, you just cant because there is nowhere with 1) a hose, 2) indoor were its not below freezing, 3)unlimited water. Then during the four months that encompass spring, summer, and fall, there is so much mud that even if you wash it, it's just dirty again in five minutes. Also, the dirt here is mostly sand, so when you wash your car/truck, it's like giving it a nice sanding job. It puts tons of little scratches in the paint. So last year I had decided that I wasnt going to wash it again until I moved out of here. Then I would get it washed, buffed, polished, or whatever it took to get the paintjob restored. Well, since then, I've decided to stay for 4 more year, so that plan isnt really feasible anymore. Maybe I'll just sell it...the blue book value on it is more than I even paid for it brand new....I've seriously been considering it. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Sell it. You can get along without that hassle. Think how much you will actually save......


Kass said...

That thing is a gas guzzler. But then again, it may be necessary to have a big truck like that in that kind of terrain. I dunno. How is it possible that it's worth more now than when u drove it off the lot? That I don't understand.

alisha said...

Kas...you're right...it is a gas guzzler and it's really not necessary here because it doesnt have 4wheel drive. If it did, I would even consider selling it. It was actually WAY more useful in Ohio than it is here.

It's not that it's worth more now than it was then...it's just that I got such a great price when I bought it. I literally got about $10,000 off of MSRP when I bought it because the dealership wanted to get rid of it. It was a new 2005 than I bought in 2006 when they were trying to make room for their 2007's. They just wanted it off the lot! Worked for me. Dont you remember how much time I spent shopping around before I actually bought it?

Edna-you're right. I would save alot. But I really like that truck. And I need a vehicle, so I would just have to get something else...and then I would have all the same hassles with some other vehicle that I like less. And I just dont think anyone else would pay that much for a 2 wheel drive truck here. We'll see.

KuskoMama said...

you're staying for 4 more years? Way to make a commitment to our awesome town :)

You could sell it, but take a look at what's available here - other cars, probably in much worse shape, that have been beaten around on our roads for X number of years.

Anonymous said...

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