"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feeling better = Productive

1 eye doc appt with avery +
2 donuts and chocolate milks for our breakfast +
2 weekly lesson plans written +
5 phone calls made +
31 kids signed up for brown bag lunch+
120 papers graded+
20+emails written+
1 positive action lesson taught+
55 kids finished with a microbiology lab+
2 gallons of water hauled home+
1 trip to the post office+
1 trip to the grocery store+
24 new science tables ordered (by my principal) +
1 great possibility for a summer science camp job+
1 SIOP observation+
20 copies made for tomorrow+
50 bacteria cultures prepared for incineration+
1.5 hours spent in a SIOP class with colleagues+
1 preconference with my boss for my formal evaluation+
30 minutes jogging+
20 minutes workout+
5 blogs read+
1 hour reading profiles on my HS alumni website+
1 new to do list created for tomorrow+
1 chapter of golden compass read aloud with avery+
2 blog posts written+
1 really productive day

It's amazing how much a person can get done when they're feeling better! I felt like I had accomplished more in the first 2 hours of my day today than the 4 days prior! My stomach isnt all the way back to normal, but it's MUCH better today.


Kassia said...

Good Lord! That IS a lot of stuff you did! Makes me feel lazy even tho I feel really busy all the time...
Glad to hear you are feeling better!

alisha said...


So good to hear from you. I've been thinking about you alot lately. Hope you and Adam are well and the new house is treating you nicely. I know owning a home can be a constant project.

Let's talk soon!

KuskoMama said...

Ah - is that the science camp out past Mekoryuk? The name of the island escapes me. I met a lady (one of the teachers from Akiak) who helped out with it last year and she really liked it. I also know one of the attendees, seemed to like it too but thought the conditions were a little rough.

Glad you are feeling better if not 100%. I'm living vicariously on the productivity, I'm decidedly NOT productive lately!

alisha said...

This is a new idea for here in Bethel this summer. We have received some grant monies to develop a summer intervention for 6,7, and 8th graders. My principal asked me to brain storm some ideas...so right now it is just in the planning phase, but, hopefully, I'll be the one teaching it this summer! Since I'm planning to stick around this summer, I was really hoping for a job and I had expressed that to my principal a few weeks ago. So...we'll see...