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Monday, February 15, 2010

An evening spent with friends

Saturday night I had the house all to myself. Avery was out on a winter camp out with the Boy Scouts. After the long night at the sleepover with my JH kids, I was really looking forward to some quiet "me" time. I came home and leisurely lounged around the house and did some yoga. My friend Lisa called and we chatted for a couple of hours. We talked about all kinds of important things that had been on our minds and hearts for awhile...we laughed and we cried. And at the end of the conversation, we decided it had really felt like we had spent the evening hanging out together. Even though we were not physically in each others company, we were with each other in mind, heart, and ear :)

After I got off the phone with Lisa, I was feeling kind of sleepy so I laid down to take a nap. Then, the phone rang. It was a friend from here in town asking what I was doing on my Saturday night, to which I firmly responded, "NOTHING, doesnt it sound great!" Then the phone rang again and it was my friend Edije. We also chatted for hours about everything that came to mind. We talked about how weird it is that our lives are so interconnected with the people that we know and how amazing it is that we've stayed connected after all of these years. We talked about kids and how they grow up so fast. We talked about men and how they're so... well, so like men. (ladies, you know what i mean) We laughed and joked and got a little loud and obnoxious. We had fun!

When I got off the phone I was smiling ear to ear and my heart was filled with joy knowing that even if we are thousands of miles apart, I will always be able to spend a Saturday evening with friends.


Cindi said...

sounds perfect...

Anonymous said...

That sounds like sunch a nice day...thats becuase i was part of it!!haha It made my night being able to just chat and have fun like the old days!! When I got off the phone with you Kevin said i just can not believe your even awake!! Then he said you dont even wait up for me becuase you say your tired. That was so nice talking about old times!! the kids say hi and just so you know Alyssa heard me say that you were not coming this summer and she was mad!! We miss you to the moon and back(Alyssa and Nathan)!!

alisha said...

Alyssa and Nathan,

I miss you too! Maybe you can talk your mom and dad into taking your next vacation in ALASKA! That would be so much fun!

Happy Birthday, Alyssa! Give your daddy a big birthday smooch from me! :)

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I love you and i think we should take our next vacation to alaska too! thanks for the birthday card...it was very special!! We love you!!!

have a nice day!! and have a nice night!!