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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Portable Planetarium

We have had a portable planetarium at our school for the last two days. We tried to schedule as many students into the planetarium as possible based on what science class they were in. I wasnt originally scheduled to take all of my classes in, but one of the other science teachers was doing the science fair with her kids yesterday so I got to take all of my classes yesterday and today. The kids LOVED it. There were lots of oohhh's and aaahhhh's when the sun, moon, planets, and stars were displayed on the dome. It was alot of hard work for teachers at all of the local schools to put together and made the last few days more stressful than normal, but it was totally worth it! The planetarium people spent at least a day at all of the local schools, plus they even did a community night. Avery got to help with the community night because the Boy Scouts volunteered to assist with astronomy related activity stations for the kids that werent busy in the planetarium (it only seats about 30 people). The planetarium came from UAF (University of Alaska Fairbanks). They were given a grant from NASA to travel around to remote communities in Alaska. I'm so glad we got them to come to ours!

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Anonymous said...

thats pretty cool!!