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Saturday, February 13, 2010

JH sleepover.

On Friday night, I had my yearly JH sleepover with the kids who had good participation and behavior for the first semester. There were 15 kids eligible to attend, but a couple were out of town and a couple of them just decided they did want to spend the night. The rest of us had a great time.
Most of the kids went down to the basketball games that were going on in the gym. That actually gave me some time to work in my classroom and get some things done. We ordered pizza and I baked a cake and some brownies for the party. After the games, all of the kids came back down to my room and hung out. Anna and Avery did some boxing with those huge boxing glove pillows that Anna had brought with her.

Some of the kids played video games on the big smartboard screen and some of us played board games. We actually played alot of board games. And I was involved in at least one round each of sorry, life, and monopoly. After the gym was cleared out from the games, we went back down to the gym and the kids got to shoot around for awhile. A few of them even threw a football around. They played a few rounds of hide and seek around the school. Then we came back down to my room and watched movies until everyone got sleepy enough to go to sleep. I think me and most of the kids went to bed around 3am!

Here they are in the morning when we woke up, put my classroom back in order, and cooked pancakes. They were definitely not as full of energy in the morning. We had a great time. It's so much fun to interact with the students on a different level then my day to day role of teacher in the classroom.

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