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Friday, February 19, 2010

It's a pattern

We have barely had any snow on the ground all year this year. Part of the problem is that we just havent gotten very much snow, but the other bigger and more annoying problem is that the snow we have gotten cant hang on. Early in the year, maybe back in november, we got a few inches. The next day, it rained and washed it all away. Then in December, we got a few inches. A few days later, it rained and washed it all away. Then in January, we got about 6 inches. This snow was able to hang on longer than all the other snow. But today, it's raining and the brown of the tundra under the snow is already peeking through. Bah!

In other news...
I have to work this Saturday. I joined the committee of teachers who are working to review and and write science curriculum for 7-12 grade. Write now the district does not really have a district wide curriculum for those grades. It will be alot of work, but I am really looking forward to making a significant impact on the science being taught to our students. It really needs some help! Also, I have my masters in curriculum development, so I am also looking forward to putting my masters to use and adding this key element to my growing list of experience in the education profession.

Avery is attending a JH dance tonight. I was originally scheduled to chaperone, but decided not to so that Avery doesnt feel like I'm keeping my eye on him at the dance. He is all into the dressing up stuff lately and loves to wear dress clothes like collared shirts and ties. It all started when he had to dress up for a home basketball weekend and all the girls thought he was so handsome. He got so much attentions "from the ladies" that day, that he has been finding excuses to dress up ever since. So after school today, his plan is to go home and change into something fancy. I guess we will have to buy him a few more dress shirts and ties while we are in Anchorage over spring break.

Speaking of spring break....just a week to go. I am really looking forward to getting out of town for a few days. And just like always, I've got a huge list going for stuff to get in Anchorage. This time of year, I dont stress to much about getting supplies because I know it wont be much longer before I go into town with the band kids on their trip. Over spring break, we are flying to Anchorage on Wednesday and coming home on Sunday. I have an appt with a podiatrist to see what the deal with my foot is and we are both scheduled to volunteer at the Iditarod ceremonial start on that Saturday. We have a couple of free days to do some fun things around Anchorage. I would really like to go to the Native Heritage Museum and we both have several movies that we would like to see. Not to mention all of the SHOPPING we will have to do while we're there. Avery has been bugging me to go to Barnes and Noble while we are there. How cool is that?

I have made arrangements to take 12 credits between now and the end of summer so I should be able to complete Number 23 on the birthday list with no problem. I also making progress on some of the other items on my list. I hope I can accomplish all of them in the year. So fun and so motivating.

I'm stuck again on my weight loss. Stuck in the same place I was before, right at that -30 mark. I've lost all the weight that I put on over the holidays, but I just cant seem to get under that. I went back and looked at a time back in August where I was losing very rapidly to see what I was doing differently. I noticed that I was doing alot more strength training then, so I think I'm going to start doing that again and see if I can break through this barrier. That's why I love about the Wii...it keeps all your data so you can see how you are doing.

Have a great weekend!


KuskoMama said...

good for you for joining that committee... how can the teachers offer cohesive instruction and address goals if there's no overarching curriculum goals? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the aim of the committee... I know phases and all that, but I bet something districtwide as far as curriculum guidelines would make things a lot better for everyone. Do the classes currently have the same books for various classes and what gets taught is variable?

I was hoping it'd be clear today and I could take the kids out... doesn't look like it. I think I'll go check and see if it's actively raining right now, if not - we're out for a walk!

alisha said...

phases only exist for reading, writing, and math. those are the only subjects that get "tested". All teachers should be basing their teaching on the state standards, regardless of whether or not the district has a curriculum. In that way, all education should have a standard of content. Just like in any profession, there are levels of variation in how well people do their jobs.

KuskoMama said...

so it varies by teacher on what gets taught I suppose. Do they use a uniform text (all biology classes for whatever grade, chem texts, etc.) In my high school everyone but the honors/AP track had the same textbook and the AP kids had a different one.

One would hope that the level of teaching wouldn't vary too much... one of our high school chem teachers used to come to class, pass out worksheets and then read the paper for the rest of class. Not really quality instruction there :)

Have a great weekend!