"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I found a mommy for this little girl. She's a lady that lives out in a village close to here. I just dont know if I want to give her up. I'm torn. Torn between keeping her and letting her go.

Reasons that I want to keep her...
  1. She's so sweet
  2. Well behaved
  3. smart
  4. already knows the words no and down
  5. nice looking dog
  6. Avery likes playing with her
  7. we love her already
  8. she's already become a part of our house/life
  9. She has NEVER peed on the floor
  10. It's fate? She found me
  11. companionship
  12. I miss having a dog
  13. only puppy I've ever had to sleep through the night
  14. She's just such a good dog
  15. I'm not sure about this lady that wants her, I KNOW she'll be well cared for with me
Reasons I want to let her go...
  1. My allergies are going crazy
  2. It's expensive to own a dog here (flight fees, vet is outrageous, shipping food in)
  3. too busy, not enough time, she'll be in the cage alot
  4. have to find someone to dog sit when leaving town (and we're leaving for c-mas soon)
  5. she's a chewer
  6. avery and I both dont really want to do the raising a puppy thing...we're used to having an old, lazy dog
  7. not over losing Taboo yet
  8. no yard to let her run in
  9. not even sure that I can have a dog in this apt
  10. I dont want to responsibility right now, i've got so much other stuff going on
  11. Her light color means that i'll have light hair on my dark clothes and I wear alot of black
  12. raising a puppy is alot of work
  13. I like the idea of being 'free'...not having to always worry about going home to take care of the dog
I dont know...these are all of the things that pop into my head right now. Now that i've written this pro and con list, the number of items is about equal, but the pro list seems pretty superficial and unimportant. the con list seems like some pretty major important stuff. Basically, my heart wants to keep her and love her, but my head knows that logically that's not really a good idea. I think I'll make arrangements to go ahead and ship her to the village. Bummer.


Crystal said...
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Reese-E said...

i know a dog is alot more work than a cat, but i made a similar list before i got my cat and the cons definitely outweighed the pros. BUT i went with my heart and got one anyway and even though i have to mess with poop and scratches and ruined shirts and clawed up furniture on an almost daily basis, i NEVER regret getting him! :) in fact, i can't even imagine a time when i didn't have him and love him. haha! so anyway, my advice it to KEEP HER! :) (or get a kitten if you really can't handle a dog right now!) hope you guys have a great thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me the puppy has already chosen his family and you should respect that. You won't regret it, no matter how much trouble you think it will be. The love you get back is worth anything you go through. Every boy should have a dog.