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Friday, November 20, 2009

She followed me from school

Avery had a wrestling tournament over at the elementary school today. As mom and I were leaving the tournament to walk back over to the HS, this puppy came up to me and started whining for my attention.
I bent down and petted it for a minute. Then, she followed me (us) all the way back over to the high school. She was cold and scared. It was -15 today (-35 with windchill) and I just couldnt leave her outside. I brought her home to get her fed and warm.
I am going to post some pictures of her on the lksd email system and hope that I can find her owner. She looks as though she has been well taken care of...she is well fed and had a dark ring around her neck where it looked as though she used to be on a leash or chain of some sort. I think she is about 5 months old. She is really good about going potty outside and hasnt had any accidents in the house yet.
I gave her a bone and a bowl of dog food, but she never did eat any of it. I have really enjoyed having her around today. I got out some of Taboo's old toys and food dishes and stuff to help take care of her. I miss Taboo so much, but this little girl is absolutely adorable.


Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

She is precious! And that seems like fate, if you don't find the owner, that is!

Anonymous said...

Adorable. Sometimes animals do choose us. I hope she finds her way to whatever home is right for her..... maybe that is you!


KuskoMama said...

oh.... so sweet! I would have a hard time giving that one up. I also wonder if nobody comes forward are you going to take her in? :-)

Anonymous said...

She is so freakin cute!!! This must be god talking to you Alisha!! Make sure you keep us updated on what happens.


Anonymous said...

keep her...keep her....keep her!!!
i am so glad I have Jasper now. After 5 years without, I didn't realize how much I missed having a dog.
Keep her!!