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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mom goes for a ride

My friend came over with his brand new snowmachine today to give mom a ride. We got her all bundled up before she went out so that she would be warm. They were gone for over two hours. He took her out to some of the villages around Bethel. He took her to Oscarville and Napakiak. He took her around the city of Bethel and over to see one of the dog sled yards here in town. When she got home, her face was bright red and she could stop sneezing. That's right...she cant stop sneezing. I think she has sneezed about 100 times in the last 2 hours. Weird.

She said that she had a good time and she was glad that she got to go out. When she got back, she said that she wasnt even cold the whole time. I told her that that is because she was wearing the right gear. I know that going snowmachining was one of the things she really wanted to do while she was here, but our snowmachine isnt quite fixed yet. Almost, but not quite. I cant wait until it is fixed. I want to go out for a ride.

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The Mensch's said...

Tooo COLD for me!! Looks like fun though. Happy Birthday Avery!! Have a FUN DAY. Sorry, I can't call to say Happy Birthday, but no long distance yet. Talk to ya soon!