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Monday, November 02, 2009

It's over...

Hell week...it's over.

It is officially November and hell week is officially over. Halloween carnival is over, which also means haunted house is...OVER. And my professional observation is...over. We went today to clean our old apartment, so our move is...over. I finally got my lesson plans turned in last week, but I wrote them for two weeks, so lesson planning (at least for on more week) is...over. I ended up getting pretty much everything done that needed done last week. I still have a pretty good list of stuff to do for this week, but we have two days of inservice today and tomorrow, so I dont have students for a couple of days and that gives me a little bit of time to get some other things done.

Here's my my hell week list...let's see what I got done...

we just moved (done)
my lesson plans were late (but done)
my formal observation was yesterday (done)
the sophomore class that does haunted house are slacking (it turned out pretty good, pics to come, but it got good reviews)
Avery keeps getting in trouble (he's still in trouble...dont know what to do about him)
I havent checked my mail for a week (did that Saturday)
Avery locked himself out of his new cell phone and I had to go get it fixed (done)
I have to make a dessert for the church supper club (done)
Avery has to make a dessert for the halloween carnival cake walk (done)
I havent been eating right or exercising lately (I'm back on track)
I have a stack of papers to grade (still needs done)
I have labs to set up for in my science classes (got a couple days to do this)
Mom is coming to visit and I still havent bought my ticket to meet her in Anchorage yet (still needs done...I'm hesitant)
Our PFD checks havent come yet (they came, but I have to go open a local bank account to cash them)
I have to pay rent and deposit for this new place (today during lunch)
and cant do that until i get my deposit back from the old place (during lunch)
but cant get that until I clean the old place (done)
laundry needs done (done)
the veggie box needs picked up tomorrow but I'll be doing haunted house (done)
Avery has a wrestling tournament tomorrow that I wont get to see (he placed first, but I didnt get to see it)
I dont have my halloween costume ready yet (i dressed like a hippie, sorry forgot to get a pic..Avery didnt dress up this year)

Having the haunted house is such a huge load off...now I can focus on my teaching and robotics again. And I'm thinking of joining a yoga class on Thursday night.

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