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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Robotics practice

After two full days of inservice, rather than going home after the inservice was over, I stayed at school with my robotics team for practice. Avery is on the team and has been doing great. He's really interested in it and very self motivated. This year's robotics theme is transportation. As one of the robot missions, the robot has to carry around a crash test dummy with it throughout the entire duration of the robot competition. So, the kids decided to name the team the CRASH TEST WARRIORS (the schools mascot is the warrior). I thought it was a pretty good name and their t-shirts turned out really good. I'll post a picture of their shirts when they come in.There are actually 11 kids on the team, but because today was not a school day, only 4 of them showed up for practice today. The team this year has been great at accepting and listening to each others ideas. They have been great at team work and collaboration. And it's showing!
The robotics program has two main parts: the robot part and the project part. They have some really great ideas and I already think that the kids have a really realistic possibility of making it to state this year! Exciting. They are working on the robot stuff tonight, because the last few practices we have focused on the project. They are making some great progress tonight on the robot missions. Right now they are working programming a mission on the robot that has the potential to earn 80 points (out of a total of 400).
The also have worked hard on the project already. They have decided to do their project on snowmachines as the form of transportation and figuring out a way to prevent people from drinking and driving. They have already gone out and done an interview with an ER doctor and interviewed a snowmachine shop owner. They have also handed out around 500 surveys about snowmachine accidents. They have decided to do a Micheal Jackson parody to present their project.
It should be fun (and alot of hard work)! But I already think it will be worth it, these kids are learning and are excited about robotics. How awesome!

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