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Friday, November 13, 2009

Busy with Robotics

My robotics team has been hard at work and I have been hard at work with them. We got our team t-shirts in the other day, the kids are wearing them in the picture above. We got alot of compliments about our shirts today.
Last weekend we worked the concession stand during the wrestling tournament. This is how we raise money for buying our t-shirts and everything else. The kids really enjoyed themselves.
Then on Tuesday night, we had a videoconference session with all of the other teams in the school district. It is kind of like a show-n-tell for the robotics teams.
The kids were excited to tell other teams about their progress. I ordered pizza and we had a great time. The team sure is keeping me busy. I think I've put in 70 hour weeks the last three weeks in a row easy. And those are just the hours that I work AT school. That doesnt even count the hours I put in planning and grading at home. GEESH!
I'm so happy to have a weekend without alot of school work to do. Now I can get to the other stuff I've been neglecting...housework, cooking, laundry, dance class, reading, a bath and a facial, maybe a couple movies. I better squeeze all that in pretty quick cause then, come Sunday, I'll need to get some more school work done again. Does it ever end? Maybe not, but I love it!

Enjoy your weekend!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thats pretty cool...I bet the kids really enjoy having something like that to do. How much longer do you have until this program will be over??