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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Saturday night pie

I got a pie pumpkin in my veggie box last week and decided to use it to make a pumpkin pie (didnt see that coming, did you?). I found a recipe online that sounded like it had potential. I had a friend over for a couple drinks and she made pumpkin bread, while I baked pumpkin pie. It was a fun little Saturday night thing to do (Bethel style fun).
I made one with nuts and one without. I dont personally care for nuts, so I donated that one to the church supper club. Every friday night during the winter, the church provides one free hot meal to anyone in the community who needs it. The other pie I kept for us and tried a piece today. I was...alright. I really didnt taste very pumpkinny.
Pumpkinny or not, I can now say that I have baked a pumpkin pie truly from scratch. It was fun (Bethel fun) and turned out great. It's nice to have some free time again to do things I want to do in addition to the things I HAVE to do.

Happy Pumpkinny November!

1 comment:

MarĂ­a said...

The pumpkin pies look delicious! How were they? I hope you enjoyed them.