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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Head and Arm

The big Bethel wrestling tournament was this weekend. It was a long, busy tournament. It involved so many schools this year that the tournament was divided up so that the 4-8th grade portion was at the new Gladys Jung elementary and the HS portion was at BRHS.
Here's Avery pinning his first opponent. This is a kid that he has wrestled numerous times this season. Avery says that the kid gets better every time they wrestle.
Below is Avery getting ready for the championship round. He has become such a great wrestler.

Here is a video of Avery wrestling the championship round. The match didnt last long. You can hear me at the end say, "uhoh, head and arm...it's over". As soon as Avery put the kid in that move, I knew it was over. That's Avery's favorite move.

In other news...

The puppy is doing good. No one has claimed her yet. We have named her Bristol. She's teething. She gets more and more playful everyday. She has claimed the couch as her own. She really doesnt like to go outside in the cold and snow.

Mom's visit is also doing good. She doesnt really want to do much except lay around which has been a little disappointing, but Avery is enjoying having her here and we have been getting along just fine.

I'm almost done with my christmas shopping. Only a couple more items that I want to get from the local crafts people. I have all my christmas stuff laid out on the living room floor ready to be wrapped. I worked on wrapping some of it today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man Avery is really good!! Make sure you tell him Kevin saw the video and he was impressed. He told me to tell him congratulations!! I will try to call you tommorrow night if i have time.