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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Yes...one of THOSE days. It seems that I have one each year since I've lived year. One of those days when everything piles up and you crack (if only for a minute). I'll give you a run down of all the things that made my day a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

12am...still packing the groceries that I bought in the lobby of the hotel
12:10am...pass a group of rowdy drunk people in the hallway to our room...clearly not a good sign that this is going to be a peaceful night
12:15am...get into the room and have to open the window and let in the -10 degree air because it is so hot in there
12:30am...eat a banana from the grocery stash because I havent eaten since noon
12:45...finally peel off the clothes I've been wearing for 17 hours and fall into bed
12:50...cant relax because my body has been go go go all day
1am...people in the next room banging around
1:10am...cant stop coughing long enough to fall asleep
1:15am...I try a cough drop and nod off breifly
1:30am...mom lights a cigarette, further aggravating my cough
1:40am..room is blazing hot, open window
2am...still coughing
2:10am room is cold, close window
3:30am...mom is smoking again
3:40...mom runs a bath and starts turning on light, although I have just FINALLY fallen asleep
4am...mom's blow drying her air now, not a chance of further sleep, might as well get up
4:10am...shower has a broken faucet that no matter what either goes too hot or too cold, nothing in between
4:15am...mom opens bathroom door and is curling her hair, letting all of the warmth out of the bathroom
4:30am...wake up call...this is when I had planned on waking up
5am...go out to start rental car...it's -8 outside...brrr
5:30am...get to the airport, drop all the bags and mother off at check in, go drop off rental car
5:40am...weighing bags and rearranging a few things, run out of tape
6am...checked in
6:20am...having breakfast, mom spills coffee down my coat
6:35am...boarding plane
7:10am...take off
8:10am...arrive in bethel, -11 outside
8:15am...truck wont start, not surprised should have left it home plugged in and taken a cab
8:40am...call school and explain situation to principal/boss, she sends someone to pick us up
9am...dropped off at apartment, putting away groceries, make coffee in attempt to help me make it through the day
9:40am...cant take it anymore, make an appt to go to the doctor for this cough
9:50am...take a cab to school
10:45am...grant assessor comes to observe me teaching positive active lesson in homeroom, but I've put it off until tomorrow to try to set up for lab for BIO classes, feel like a bad teacher for not doing what I'm supposed to be doing
3:00pm...get a ride to try to jump truck, doesnt work, it needs plugged in
4:00pm...get dropped off at the doctor
4:05pm...call about getting truck towed, thawed, and charged, they want $225
4:30pm...still waiting for doctor even though I told them that I had to be out of there quick for parent teacher conferences and they assured me it would be fast
4:35pm...doctor is new and kind of weird, i explain that I havent had a good nights sleep for about 5 night because everytime I lay down, I just start coughing and If I have to go through one more night without sleep, I'm gonna crack
4:40pm...decides I need cough syrup (duh) with codeine
4:45pm...take a cab back to school, but dont have my wallet on me, so have to run in to get money when we get there and get side tracked and forget and piss off the cabbie because he has to wait for me, tip him $5 extra
4:50pm...parent teacher conferences start in 10 minutes and i have nothing ready, printer is acting up and wont print my student grade reports
4:55pm...have minor break down and sit at my desk and cry for a few minutes, then pull it together
5:00pm...finally get reports to print
5:10pm...finally get down to conferences, I'm late, further proving how terrible I am
5:15pm...vice principal whose car also wont start and is stuck at the airport begins talking to me about towing car and what am i going to do and the tow guy is coming and am i going to give him my keys and he wants payment, etc, etc, causes me to start thinking about everything again and I have to walk away and excuse myself to the bathroom for another minor breakdown, i hate the fact that i feel so dependent upon the help of other people
5:250pm...tow guy is here and wants my keys and wants to know what to do, I tell him to just tow it to my house and I'll figure it out from there (100, rather than 225), is asking me if there will be enough room outside my apt to back it in my space, but I cant know that because i havent been there all day and have no idea how many cars/trucks are parked there and knowing that my neighbor still refuses to give me any extra space at all, it stresses me out more
5:30pm...tow guy sees that I'm clearly stressed out and lets me know not to worry, he'll get it there, tells me i can pay him when he comes back with vice principals car
5:35pm...finally make it down to parent conferences, further feel like an awful person/teacher
5:45pm...see teacher next to me eating pizza and realize that I missed dinner again today, i'm drained, i'm hungry, i'm tired, i'm completely empty, and now i have to talk to parents about their kids (which goes very well and actually makes me feel better-i have some really amazing students)
8pm...talk to the auto shop teacher about my truck...he (and a couple other people i've talked with throughout the day) tells me that I need a new battery, i'm looking at probably $200
8:30pm...another teacher offers their battery charger for my use, i accept
8:35pm...i have thanked and apologized to more people than I care to count today
8:45pm...I catch a ride with a colleague
8:50pm...gross, mud room smells like cigarettes, which is better than in the house and what we agreed on for moms visit
9pm...plug in truck and battery charger, almost slip on ice multiple times
10pm...unpacking some of the other bags that I brought home from anchorage, tsa took something because they said it was hazardous material (must have been some cleaner) and the powdered laundry detergent spilled all over the content of one of my entire bags
10:10pm...i swear, mom cant be quiet for more than 2 minutes, she talks constantly
10:15pm...we watch an episode of Kyle XY, then Avery goes to bed, I've hardly seen him for two days, he's being very pleasant, helpful, and appreciative, which is nice
11pm...Avery goes to bed and I sit down to blog, I know this may be a little much for some readers, but hey, this blog is my release
12am...I'm going to bed and i'm going to sleep like a rock, although i'm sure the alarm clock will ring before i know it

For those of you who know me, you will understand completely the significance of all that occurred. For those who do not know me, let me just say...I am not a crier. I very rarely fall apart, I am a strong, independent person. Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, really bad day. Surprisingly, mom wasnt a major factor in all of it, she's been pretty decent, actually. I know it was the truck trouble that overwhelmed me the most (mostly because i should have known better and it is going to end up costing me way too much moeny) and the lack of sleep that put it all over the top. In the end, it all worked out fairly well and, sometimes, having a quick cry session is just what is needed to get it all out. I just wish it could have been on a day that wasnt also parent teacher conferences.

anyway...tomorrow is a new day.


Anonymous said...

Well that really stinks...it leat its over and you can began fresh. I hope all goes well with your mom. Ok this must have been one of the worst days you have ever had because you dont even cry over guys!!! Just so you dont feel alone I have had a bad few days too!!

Miss you

KuskoMama said...

That's horrifying!!! :-( I'm glad someone came through for you with a battery charger. Can you ask your landlord about the parking issue? I'm sorry about the weird doc... YK can employ some real winners. I'm glad the P/T conferences went well! I hope your weekend goes better than yesterday did. :-/

Anonymous said...

Repeat after me: goos frabba goos frabba (Did you ever see Anger Management?). Thank goodness tomorrow really is another day.....


Anonymous said...

Quick cry sessions are the best! Sometimes longer ones are ok, too. Hope the rest of your mom's visit goes well.


craigcl said...

How long is your Mom staying?
Must be kinda difficult. How big is your place now?

The puppy is cute. We have a new puppy as well, Murphy. We took him in... he has repaid us by being very cute, generally well behaved, and chewing up one of my favorite chairs. We are working on the chewing thing.

Good luck with the visit. I will think pleasant thoughts and hope they help!!