"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No excuses!

Listen....just because I've made the commitment to write everyday for the next month, does not mean that you can just neglect your commenting duty. Usually I get at least one or two or three comments on each blog post, but for the last 8 posts, I've only gotten 2 comments....in 8 days. Come on! I need your comments. I need your support! Get it together out there!


I know you're out there reading. Where have all the comments gone? I miss you guys!


Kassia said...

Oh I'm here, reading every day. Don't worry I haven't forgotten you....:)

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

I'm here too!

Anonymous said...

Since you are going to write a blog everyday for the next month i will try to comment everything i read your bolg!! Sounds fair!!


alisha said...

Sounds fair to me! :)

Anonymous said...

Blog on. Love every one.....