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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks Birthday

My brother and sister both share birthdays on or near Thanksgiving. Adrian's birthday is today. She's 26. Avery's birthday is on Monday. He's 14.
Over the years, we have frequently celebrated their birthdays on Thanksgiving. Yesterday, we put a few candles on a piece of pumpkin pie and sang the Happy Birthday song.

Avery opened his presents without thanks or appreciation whatsoever. The joys of raising a teenager... One day is great, filled with awe and happiness. The next is filled with disrespect and apathy.In other news...
I found a home for the dog, but we havent been able to connect yet so she's still here. She's in the habit of running away now and mom and avery just let her every day, multiple times a day. So annoying.

Thanksgiving was good. I ate way too much food and havent come anywhere near the scaled for two days. I need to fast for two days now.

Mom is really starting to get on my nerves. Nothing bad, we havent gotten into any fights or anything. She's just really annoying. 3 more days....

I worked the church supper club tonight. We serve a free hot meal to anyone who wants it every friday night through the entire winter. It was fun.

I've really enjoyed all the comments ever since I gave you guys a hard time about not commenting. Thanks! It makes writing so much more fun.

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Anonymous said...

I cleaned up my computer so it took your website off the favorites so i just found it again!! sorry so i have some catching up to do!!