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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Haunted House

The BRHS haunted house ROCKED as usual this year. It was a ton of work and for awhile I was not sure that it was going to happen, but it turned out great. The pictures are in the order of the path through the haunted house. The kid on the locker was warning people not to go in.
Then there was a spook to jump out of the closet. Then people got to choose to walk through a dark tunnel or crawl through a dark tunnel. And at the end there was a scary person to jump out and scare you. (below)
Next was a trip through the grave yard with the grim reaper.
Next up was the doll house with creepy dolls all around.
And a little girl getting killed and screaming alot.
Next up was a tortured person all chained up.
A trip through spider alley next.
Then the students set up a "sensations hallway". It had gooey stuff on the walls and bubble wrap on the floor and fishing line hung up so that it drags across your face.
Then was a tour through the hospital, starting with the crazy guy standing out front with his parasitic twin on his shoulder.
The dentist was willing to rip your teeth out.
And the surgeon was cutting people open.
To get out of the haunted house you had to walk through this crowd of clowns. What is it about clowns that freaks people out so much?
There was lots of screaming and a ton of (fake) blood. We definitely had our fair share of kids who came out crying and hugging their mommies, even kids clinging to the guides. FUN!

1 comment:

Big Ass Kass said...

WOW that haunted house by the kids looks really creative! Kudos to them!